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A key component of garage doors is the drum. This is a small, metal wheel positioned at the end of the spring-cable-cone torsion unit. The primary function of the drum is to maintain correct balance of the door during opening and closing. The door cables wrap around the drum, allowing motion to take place.

Causes of damage

Inspecting the drum for damage is important with it being such an essential component of your door. This could be done professionally as part of an annual, all-round check, for example. However, you can also carry out inspections yourself to pick up on any potential damage before it becomes a more significant problem.

The most common types of drum damage we see today are cracks, chips and warping. These generally occur naturally due to regular use of the door over time. The drum (and the connected torsion unit) essentially carries out all of the doors’ heavy work, hence a lot of tension and pressure is concentrated in this area. Thus, some wear and tear is to be expected. Inspecting the drum from time to time will help you to identify any weaknesses, hopefully before more significant damage occurs.

It is also possible for rusting to occur on and around the drum, which can impact its function. This would happen if your garage is particularly humid and damp, or if the torsion unit is somehow exposed to moisture. Again, careful and regular inspection will help you to notice and act upon this to avoid unnecessary damage.

Being such a heavy-duty aspect of the door, drums tend to collect dust and dirt over time. Whilst this should not directly impact its function, a significant accumulation over a longer period could have an effect; hence we recommend you to perform a basic clean of the drum and torsion unit every now and then.

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It can be hard to detect damage. However, be aware that seemingly small things, such as unusual noise during opening and closing, or reduced smoothness during motion, could mark the start of something more significant. It is far better to be safe than sorry and get in touch with us sooner rather than later. You might be unsure as to whether it is the drum itself, or something else in the doors’ mechanism that has deteriorated or become damaged; but getting in touch will enable us to come and carry out an inspection and put the door back to rights.

E.s garage doors inc.

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E.s garage doors inc.

The drums we use for replacement are of the best quality without compromise that will serve you for the longest term with a full warranty and security for your garage door.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Our team is very decent and professional and will do the work for you on the best side. Experts in performing drums replacement and repair with extensive knowledge and professionalism of years in garage doors repairs.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

E.S Garage Doors gives a full warranty at no extra charge to all the springs, parts and replacements we provide to our customers.

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E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Drums repair & replacement services for your garage door

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Frequently asked questions

Why does garage door cable keep falling?

Cable and drums problems can come from a spring that is stretched incorrectly. If the spring is too tight it can cause the cables to come out of their drum and cause the cables to break.

What happens when garage door cable breaks?

If the cable or the drum is broken it will cause an underpass to be transferred to the other cable and in fact it loads on it and this may cause the door to rise unevenly and cause it to be crooked and unbalanced. If your garage door creaks or shakes or malfunctions it means the cable is torn.

Can you manually lift a garage door?

In the event of a power outage your garage door will stop working. In such a situation every garage door has an emergency release kit. The system is installed in your garage and allows you to open the garage door manually from the inside or outside.