Emergency service

Emergency Service in Seattle, WA

If something has gone wrong, please call us now! We are here to help and the sooner any damage or faults are detected and reported, the quicker we can repair them before anything more serious occurs. Garage doors are heavy, mechanical objects and, if left unrepaired, they can be a significant hazard – especially if you have young children or pets also using the garage. Thus, it really is essential to be familiar with your door and aware of its functions so that you can immediately notice when something goes askew.

Emergency Service team

As an established and well-rounded team of professionals, there will always be someone at E.S Garage Doors who is ready to help you out. We are easily reachable, very responsive and, of course, welcome your contact at any time.

Our team is skilled and equipped to work with any commercial or residential doors, offering emergency repairs including: panel replacement, spring replacement, track correction and replacement, opening mechanism maintenance, and even entire door replacement. Of course we will always turn up to the job fully-equipped and prepared to carry out any required work. However, please ensure that you get in touch as soon as possible and provide as much detail as you can on the current problem to ensure we can work efficiently together.

E.s garage doors inc.

Specialists for Repair/Replace Types of Garage Door in Seattle, WA

E.s garage doors inc.

The parts we use for replacement are of the best quality without compromise that will serve you for the longest term with a full warranty and security for your garage door.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Our team is very decent and professional and will do the work for you on the best side. Experts in performing parts replacement and repair with extensive knowledge and professionalism of years in garage doors repairs.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

E.S Garage Doors gives a full warranty at no extra charge to all the springs, parts and replacements we provide to our customers.

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E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Emergency services for your garage door

Need an Emergency services ASAP? Call us now for replacement/repairs services for your garage door. We install, upgrade, or repair all types of parts for garage doors and our team is highly experienced in all types of Garage Doors services. 

We serve customers in Seattle, WA as well as these areas and around:

  • Mercer Island, WA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Tukwila, WA
  • Kent, WA
  • Everret, WA
  • Snoqulmie, WA
  • Auburn, WA
  • New Castle, WA
  • Kirkland, WA
  • Redmond, WA
  • Marysville, WA
  • Vashon Island, WA
  • Maple Valley, WA
  • Covington, WA
  • Federal Way, WA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Olympia, WA
  • Lakewood, WA

For more information on our services or to get a free estimate, call us at (206) 581-0410 today.

Frequently asked questions

Should I repair or replace my garage door?

The spring may have increased or decreased tension, an incorrectly tensioned spring may jump out of the drum and a weak spring may break the cables.

How long should garage door springs last?

Should last up to 10,000 cycles of opening and closing the garage door.

What happens when garage door cable breaks?

If the cable is broken it will cause an underpass to be transferred to the other cable and in fact it loads on it and this may cause the door to rise unevenly and cause it to be crooked and unbalanced. If your garage door creaks or shakes or malfunctions it means the cable is torn.