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Section / panel Relacement Service in Seattle, WA

Many of our garage doors are constructed from panels sections, which, together, form the fully functional unit. Despite our high-quality products, it is possible for panels to become damaged from time to time. For example, impact (external or internal) could cause a panel to dent and bend, thus disrupting the stability of the door, as well as its physical appearance. If you notice such damage, the best option is to contact us directly – the sooner the damage is noticed, the more efficiently and effectively we can repair it.

Causes of damage

To try to avoid such panel damage, it is important to be aware of the main reasons why it may occur. The most common cause is perhaps impact – that is, the impact of an object from either inside or outside your garage causing a dent in the doors’ panels. This could be something as minor as an intruding animal or an accidental tennis ball, not always something as significant as a mis-parked car.

The other key factor is weather – specifically heavy impact hail stones and winds. These types of weather are likely to result in impact on your garage door – chunky hail stones can be surprisingly damaging, and wind can result in objects being blown about, potentially into your door. These natural factors are, of course, largely unavoidable; there is little you can to do to prevent them occurring. But being aware of this potential danger and making regular checks on your garage door will ensure that any damage is noticed rapidly.

Our response

As soon as you spot any garage door damage, such as bent panels, please contact us directly and we will aim to come and repair the work as soon as possible – i.e. before it gets any worse. This is important because, once one panel is damage, the infrastructure of the whole garage door is likely to be weakened; thus, further damage is likely to occur more readily if the repair work is not carried out efficiently and effectively.

E.s garage doors inc.
E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Repairing VS replacing garage door panel

Depending on the damage done, it is often possible to simply repair a single damaged door panel. However, this will be assessed on an individual, case-by-case basis, ensuring the best curb value for your house is maintained. It might be necessary to replace the panel, rather than just repairing it; this depends on how the damage was caused. Either way, our professional team is equipped to carry this work out efficiently, with your safety as our top priority.

Specialists for Repair/Replace Types of Garage Door section or panels in Seattle, WA

E.s garage doors inc.

The parts we use for replacement are of the best quality without compromise that will serve you for the longest term with a full warranty and security for your garage door.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Our team is very decent and professional and will do the work for you on the best side. Experts in performing parts replacement and repair with extensive knowledge and professionalism of years in garage doors repairs.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

E.S Garage Doors gives a full warranty at no extra charge to all the cables, parts and replacements we provide to our customers.

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E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Section or panel replacement/repair service for your garage door

Need your section or panel to be repaired or replaced? Call us today for replacement services on your garage door. We install, upgrade, or repair all types of section or panel for garage doors and our team is highly experienced in all types of Garage Doors services. 

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Frequently asked questions

Which is better roller or sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are designed and have greater strength than the standard rolling door. There is a basic mechanism installed. You can target weak points and be sure to choose the right lock to improve door security.

Can you buy replacement panels for a garage door?

Yes, more than one panel can be replaced. Replacing a panel is considered expensive and if you want to replace more than one panel the cost will be more expensive and sometimes it is a price equal to a new garage door.

How many panels does a garage door have?

Doors with 4 or 5 horizons connected together with hinges that allow the door to go up and down and close in a curved way.