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Modern, automated garage doors look very much the part in most households today. Smart, sleek and somewhat smooth in operation, they provide our customers with great satisfaction. Naturally they are, in general, more complex than traditional lock and key doors – more parts; automatic motion; remotely controlled features, etc. Thus, there is theoretically more to go wrong. However, when well maintained and cared for, you should not run into any great issues with your door.

As with any system, most elements of our garage door systems do have a limited lifespan. This is inevitable; however proper maintenance will help to extend this lifespan as much as possible, guaranteeing that you get the best value for money from your investment with us. Here are some pointers to help you maintain and look after your door as well as possible.

Regular cleaning

Garage spaces tend to be dirty environments; often used for long term storage, it is only natural that dust accumulates here. Overtime, this may impact the function of your door. For example, dirt in the doors’ tracking system may disrupt its smooth motion, resulting in jolty, clunky opening and closing. Depending what type of door you have will determine how significantly impacted its function might be. However, in any case, regular inspection and cleaning of your door’s core moving mechanisms will help to prevent any easily avoidable problems.

Weather protection

Being positioned outside, garage doors are naturally susceptible to any prevailing weather. Whilst our doors are, of course, high quality, durable units, built and installed to last, it is inevitable that they will undergo some weathering over time. Whilst this is largely unavoidable, it is important to regularly inspect your door, particularly after a spell of particularly cold, hot or stormy weather.

Cold weather might impact the door’s mechanisms, particularly if you are accessing the garage less during this time. In fact, maintaining regular access (without overdoing it) will help to maintain a well-functioning door. By contrast, hot weather can cause different materials to expand and warp, thus potentially leading to damage in susceptible areas – e.g. where joins occur.

And, finally, stormy weather including high winds and, perhaps, hail stones, is likely to have the most obvious effect on your door. Such impact can cause significant dents or bends in the material, thereby weakening the door’s structure. If this happens, notify us immediately before the damage worsens. Extended periods of heavy rain can also be damaging, particularly if the water gets into the door’s mechanism. This can lead to rust, which will impact your door’s function over time.

If you are particularly concerned about your door given the prevailing weather in your area, it is possible to buy specific garage door seals to help reduce the rate of weathering.

Lubricate the mechanism

A common problem we hear about with doors that have been installed for a while is simply a reduced smoothness in their movement – i.e. opening and closing the doors becomes more difficult, perhaps clunky and jolted. This most commonly occurs due to a lack of lubrication in the motion mechanism, which can be avoided by applying lubricant regularly. This should be done as part of a regular maintenance check you carry out on your garage door. Many different lubricants are readily available and it should be straightforward to simply purchase and apply these yourself.

Don’t wait – get in touch immediately

On top of these tips, the most critical point we can make is that you should never hesitate to get in touch with us directly if you think something is wrong. Be it a seemingly small malfunction (e.g. additional noise or slight stiffness during motion), or something more blatant (e.g. misalignment of the door), always give us a call. The sooner a problem is noticed and addressed, the more likely it is that we can repair it without the need for any major, and potentially expensive, replacement work. No fault is too small for us to investigate; we’re here to help.

E.s garage doors inc.
E.s garage doors inc.
E.s garage doors inc.

Specialists for Repair/Replace Types of Garage Door in Seattle, WA

E.s garage doors inc.

The parts we use for replacement are of the best quality without compromise that will serve you for the longest term with a full warranty and security for your garage door.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

Our team is very decent and professional and will do the work for you on the best side. Experts in performing replacement and repair with extensive knowledge and professionalism of years in garage doors repairs.

E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

E.S Garage Doors gives a full warranty at no extra charge to all the cables, parts and replacements we provide to our customers.

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E.s garage doors inc.

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E.s garage doors inc., Drums Repair & Replacement Services

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