Garage Door Installation

Garage doors are an important aspect of the home in terms of security and convenience. They provide you with an easy way to drive your vehicles in and out of your home while keeping the house secure from any unwanted visitors or would-be thieves. And lastly, they keep your home insulated from the chill of winter, keeping it warm while in the summer, keeps the interior of your home cool and comfortable.

Why install a garage door professionally?

Well, simply because, a garage door is probably the biggest piece of moving machinery in your home – if you have an average sized home, of course. Planning to install a garage door by yourself may increase the risk of injury, because of all the heavy moving parts and machinery that is under constant high tension.

A proper installation of a garage door requires professionally trained personnel who have the most suitable tools and equipment that can get your garage door installed and working well in no time at all. At E.S Garage Doors Inc, we pride ourselves with having a team of experienced garage door technicians who can get the job done for you quickly and affordably.

How long does a garage door last?

A well maintained garage door can last for up to 30 years, and the machinery that operates it is reliable for up to an average of 10 to 12 years before needing to be replaced. The type of material used for the garage door is also a big factor in how long your garage door will last, with wood garage doors being more likely to rot over time and different weather conditions, while on metal doors, scratches and visible marks are more likely to be seen over constant, everyday use.

How much does it cost to replace or install a garage door?

On average, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry estimates a new garage door to cost you about $2300 without installation. Different factors affect the full price paid, including door size, material used and labor costs. Automatic machine-operated openers will add anywhere from about $200 to $650 on top of the cost.

Steel doors are by far the most popular and affordable option, followed by Aluminum and lastly, wood doors which are the most expensive (and not to mention, the heaviest material). Some other materials have come into the market recently, such as fibreglass, which is rust and rot resistant and costs between $1500-$2000, and vinyl doors, which are super lightweight and low maintenance, costing between $900-$1500.

Can I maintain my garage door myself?

For basic maintenance, yes you can, and you should – in order to keep it working and get the most out of your garage door. As a guideline, you should always listen out for odd noises coming from the operation whether you use it everyday or infrequently. The garage door has lots of moving parts, so it is always good to regularly lubricate the moving parts such as the chain, the roller and the tracks. You should also keep an eye on the cables and rollers, as these are the important parts of your garage door – should they fail, you won’t be able to operate your garage door at all.

With a yearly maintenance schedule done by professionals such as E.S Garage Doors Inc, you can save the time and effort to maintain your garage door, and trust that you’ll always have a reliable garage door that works every time you need it to.

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Garage Doors Installation
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